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Waspadai Terus Omnibus Law
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DPR RI Segera Hentikan Pembahasan Omnibus Law dan Rencana Obral Tanah Air Indonesia

SENTRO Philippines: Solidarity with the Workers of Indonesia Build Collective Power for a Just Future after Covid-19!

14 October 2020

Solidarity with the Workers of Indonesia: Build Collective Power for a Just Future after Covid-19!

The working people of Indonesia have shown immense bravery and solidarity as thousands across the country have gone to the streets in a national strike against the passage of the “omnibus law”. Seeing that their government would sacrifice working men and women through sweeping legislation in the name of economic “recovery”, many have answered the call to protect their lives and wellbeing. The current upheaval in Indonesia today is the result of thousands of ordinary people banding together, recognizing that their futures are intertwined and that the collective action of many is the only logical way forward.

The Sentro ng mga Nagakakaisa at Progresibong Manggagawa (SENTRO) stands in solidarity with the Indonesian workers and everyday people that are currently out in the streets to assert their interests. We recognize that the current protests are aimed against a government planning to sacrifice the wages, security, and wellbeing of many for an economic recovery plan that will primarily benefit the country’s rich at the expense of the vulnerable and struggling.

Our Indonesian brothers and sisters demonstrate the power of collective action – not only to their government, but to working people all over the world. The mass actions we are seeing today serve as a warning to those officials and capitalists that would harm the interests of the Indonesian people. At the same time, this large movement of workers across Indonesian sectors, industries, and communities inspires hope within and beyond the country.

The immensely popular backlash against the omnibus law shows us that working people will not simply allow business and government interests to dismantle our protections and security, especially during a global pandemic. The brave workers of Indonesia remind us that, in this moment of extreme fear and uncertainty, working people are more than capable of banding together in defense of our communities, livelihoods, and collective futures.

SENTRO salutes our heroic Indonesian brothers and sisters. We hope for the success of the current national strike and look forward to the continued dynamism of the Indonesian worker’s movement, together with the other sectors of the country.


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