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Waspadai Terus Omnibus Law
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DPR RI Segera Hentikan Pembahasan Omnibus Law dan Rencana Obral Tanah Air Indonesia

Stop The Alleged Police Brutality Hindering Actions to Repeal the Job Creation Law in Jakarta

9 October 2020 – As much as 9,236 and 10 Company-Level Units police force and military personnel were deployed to secure the actions protesting the Job Creation Law in Jakarta, October 8, 2020. Demonstrators that took to the street were comprised of various groups from society. More than 5,000 college students and 10,000 workers along with other community groups, such as students and farmers also came from various regions to join the mass protest. The demonstrators communicated their Vote of No Confidence to the Indonesian Government and Parliament, and demand Jokowi to release a Government Regulation in Lieu of Act (Perppu) to repeal the Job Creation Law.
At around 14:00 Western Indonesia Time, demonstrators that have gathered were blocked when they were en route to the State Palace. Police forces allegedly brutally dispersed the protestors by using tear gas and water cannon. Previously, at 15:38 police also repelled the protestors back on Jalan Suryo Pranoto, Gambir.

“Violence and Pattern”
Tear gas and water cannons were shot at the direction of protestors at the National Library, Central Jakarta, not far from the State Palace, despite protestors peacefully expressing their aspirations. The same violent acts occurred at Tugu Tani and Harmoni. Police claimed that it was triggered by a protestor, but Police dispersed all of the protesters.
Based on their accounts, protestors suspected that the police and military disguised themselves as protest participants and provoked violence. This pattern is the same like in other actions in various regions. Previously at various points towards Jakarta, such as Depok, Bekasi and Tangerang, workers and college students were also blocked by joint military and police force. The police have restricted the movement of thousands of protestors from conveying their aspirations at the State Palace as the site of the protest. The police also did not show the Letter of Receipt (Surat Tanda Terima Pemberitahuan Aksi) that confirmed the planned action was notified in advance to the representatives of the protestors that notified it.

One (1) farmer from West Java is missing, when a clash broke out at 16:12 around Tugu Tani. Three (3) college students from Pers Mahasiswa were also reported missing after the clash. Before that, at 9:00 Western Indonesia Time, six (6) college students who participated in the demonstrations were arrested in Jakarta. Subsequently, at 19:50 Western Indonesia Time, one (1) journalist was reported missing, from witness accounts, his last position when taken was around Gambir. Yesterday in Bekasi, six (6) college students are in critical condition due to the violence, whereby two of them had their heads and feet shot at by rubber bullets.
Yusri Yunus, Head of the Public Relations Division from the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police, claimed that the police have arrested 1,000 people who participated in the protests and have labelled them as anarcho provocateurs. It is unclear what evidence the police has to arrest those 1,000 people. The day before, police have also claimed to arrest 89 students and communicated that they will search for evidence of their involvement after their arrest. If evidence is not found, then they will be released.
These disproportionate actions of the police are in violation of the Freedom to Express Opinions in Public Act No. 9 Year 1998 and Chief of Police Regulation No. 8 Year 1999 on the Implementation of Human Rights Principles.

We need to support the protestors and pressure the police to stop the alleged police brutality and the unconditional release of the protestors who were arrested. We need your help to send SMS or Whatsapp messages with the following format:
“I (Name, Profession, General address) condemn the alleged police brutality towards the protestors against the Job Creation Law in Jakarta. Stop police brutality and unconditionally release the protesters who were arrested. Thank you”
To the following numbers:
1. Idham Azis (Chief of Police): +62 812-1898-888
2. Irjen Pol Nana Sudjana (Head of the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police): +62 811-188-165
3. Kombes Tubagus Ade (Director of General Criminal Investigation, Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police) : +62 812-1146-789
4. AKBP Jerry Siagian (Head Directorate of Crime and Violence Subdivision) : +62 813-2810-2001
5. AKBP Dwiasi Wiyatputera (National Security) : +62 812-1146-789 &
+62 811-439-89

Thank you


Advocacy Team for Democracy
(YLBHI, KontraS, LBH Masyarakat, LBH Jakarta, LBH Pers, LBH Muhammadiyah, LBH Ansor, AMAR Lawfirm, KASBI, Paralegal Jalanan, WALHI, Jatam, Imparsial, ICJR, ELSAM)

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